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Loss of smell (anosmia) screening kit

Solution to test for anosmia, a prevalent symptom of virus infection


The CDC has designated loss of smell as a symptom of COVID-19

Optimist Screening makes detection of anosmia in asymptomatic carriers simple and easily scalable

Optimist Screening requires no medical training to administer and just seconds to produce results. Optimist utilizes pharmaceutical-grade metered dose components and dry-spray technology to dispense precise volumes of commonly recognized odorants onto a disposable test sheet. The test subject smells the sheet, then confirms the particular scent. If the test subject cannot confirm the scent, this may indicate loss of smell from infection.

FDA Registered Class 2 Medical Device

Designed to screen and test for anosmia (loss of smell), a prevalent symptom of viral infection.

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No throat or nose swabs

Fast and Efficient

About 5 seconds to administer and results are immediate

560 Tests per Kit

A large quantity of tests per kit makes Optimist Screening easily scalable


No person-to-person contact

Dry-Spray Technology

Prevents wetting of test sheets when sprayed

Metered-Dose Precision

Dispenses an exact amount of odorant for consistent screening method

Rotation of Odorants

3 unique scents per kit, like orange, mint, and garlic to enable confirmation

Simple Implementation

No medical training required

How loss of smell (anosmia) test compare to other methods

Optimist Screening is a very effective screening tool and we recommend that it be used in conjunction with other testing methods.

Optimist screening benefits