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Getting started

Optimist Screening is fast, simple and scales easily to accommodate high-volume environments

Building reassurance and safer environments

  • Employees, customers, and visitors need to understand how screening for loss of smell will protect themselves and their families.
  • Administrators need to be comfortable performing the test.
  • Test subjects need to understand why it's essential and what they can expect.
  • Your organization needs to appreciate how this program will protect productivity and revenue.
  • Optimist can provide the onboarding, educational, and testing station materials you'll need to make it a success.

Screening can be staged inside or pre-entry

Catching people before they come inside can prevent the building from becoming compromised and help avoid deep cleaning costs.

Calculate the number of Screening kits needed

Number of employees to be tested
Number of visitors to be tested
Each optimist screening kit performs 560 tests
Number of locations
Number of tests per day for each person entering location
Entrances per location

Couple more items for your to-do list

Talk to your employees

Help them understand why a safer workplace is so important to the well being of themselves, their families, and the organization.

Efficiently conduct the screening

Set up testing areas at each entry point. Assign and train administrators to safely run the screening.

Explain higher safety level

Communicate to customers, visitors, and stakeholders that your facilities take safety to a higher level.

​Have enough Testing Kits

​Make sure you have enough Optimist Screening Kits for the next 90 days.