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Corporate & industrial

During this pandemic, maintaining morale and productivity is an enormous challenge. Implementing an additional Return-to-Work (RTW) safety initiative, developed in response to the latest scientific data, will signal to staff that the well being of employees and their families is a high priority. It will also protect productivity and revenue by helping to identify potentially infected staff earlier and possibly reducing others from being exposed. Knowing that everyone in the building has been through up to date screening protocols will engender a new level of confidence for all who enter.

Restaurant & retail

For re-opening or maintaining operations, protecting employees and customers is important. A brand that can promote the fact that each of its employees are screened at frequent intervals for early symptoms using a loss of smell tool will give customers a boost in confidence. Since Optimist Screening is extremely low cost and requires no special training or staffing, it also protects the bottom line.

Schools & universities

For schools to open, instilling confidence among parents and teachers is key. CDC guidelines–social distancing, hand washing, disinfection on a daily basis, and temperature checks–may not have provided the necessary confidence. A temperature reading is not the optimal symptom check for early flagging in a school setting, as it does not identify asymptomatic carriers. Additional screening protocols which help identify asymptomatic carriers based on scientific evidence can make a big difference in helping everyone, especially those within the intellectual rigors of an academic setting, feel safer. The low cost and easy implementation of Optimist Screening makes rapid adoption possible for resource-strapped, taxpayer-funded organizations.

Healthcare & seniorcare

In locations with potentially higher transmission and fatality rates, the earliest possible indication of symptoms is exponentially more important. Anosmia symptoms can become present 1 to 8 days prior to fever or coughing (12). That means quarantining can begin 1 to 8 days earlier. Try to imagine how many other patients, residents and staff would have been exposed during that time? Because Optimist Screening is cost effective, simple to execute and easily scalable, it can be integrated into facility operations quickly.

We want to do everything we can to keep Covid out. We can't afford a shutdown because people's livelihoods are at stake. So is our bottom line. Optimist Screening is quick, easy, and affordable. It lowers the cost of testing overall by flagging people early. Much better than our temperature scanners ever could.

Matt Xander
Formetco Digital Outdoor Displays

Be an optimist

This virus is having a devastating impact on our friends and families. On our physical and financial health. On life as we know it. But there's a lot we can do to change it. There's a lot we can do for each other. We can do a lot by doing something so simple. Take a loss of smell screening. It's as easy as that to know very early on that we might be sick. Before we have a temperature. Before we spread it to people we care about. Call it social responsibility, or just doing the right thing. Either way, it's gonna help slow the spread and get us back normal. And who doesn't want that?